Name: Amanda Beenen

Favourite spot: El Cabezo, Hookipa

Regular spot: El Cabezo

Weight: 65kg.

Board & Sizes used: 99NOVENOVE Chameleon 69L & KS Fishtail 71

Sails used: Point 7, Salt 3.3 – 5.2 & Swagg 3.6 – 4.8

Fins used: On my truster I use the 15 Stubby with the ezzy asymmetric and for my QUAD I am playing around with 7’s Ezzy Asym Shark and Leon Rears.

Tips on fin set up: Start messing around with different fins, try stiffer ones, flexy ones, big ones and small ones and see what it does to your riding!

What do K4 Fins bring to the table for you? K4 made me more aware of the importance of fins and improved my riding by miles!

Sponsors: TomTom, Point7, 99novenove, Roxy, Sunski, K4 Fins.



Instagram: @amandabeenen


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