Name: Nic Hibdige

Favourite spot: Somewhere in Brazil – starboard tack jumping!

Regular spot: Tanners Lane and Avon Beach – South coast UK rocks when it’s working.

Weight: 81Kg

Board & Sizes used: Tabou Twister 100L & 90L

Sails used: GA Pures 5.2 – 4.0

Fins used: Currently running a mix of Freestyle customs and Bubbles. For ‘down the line’ I’m running Ezzy Asymmetric 12s with a 16cm stubby in the back which I switch for a rocket 17.5 for more raw onshore jumping conditions.

Tips on fin set up: Try anything and everything with an open mind, you never know what can work.

What do K4fins bring to the table for you? Style, speed and passion for our sport, they look rad under my feet as well!

Sponsors: Mery Zanutto, Tabou boards, GA-sails, Dakine, Nectar sunglasses, K4 Fins.




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